Current people

Jeppe Vinther


Associate Professor

Head of Section

Jeppe received his PhD in 2003 from the Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen and joined the Department of Biology in 2005. Currently serving as Head of the Section for Computational and RNA Biology (SCARB) at the Department of Biology.

Amal Al-Chaer


Amal joined the Department of Biology in 2006 and has been associated with the VintherLab since 2007.

Anna V. Sherwood

Assistant Professor

Anna did her PhD with Tina M. Henkin at Ohio State University before joining Gordon Simpson’s lab at the University of Dundee as a postdoc. Anna joined VintherLab in 2019 and is working on RNA oxidation as well as metabolite RNA capping.

Xiaoshan Su

PhD Student

Xiaoshan has a master from Xiamen University and has subsequently worked at BGI-Qingdao using and developing NGS technology, mainly focusing on marine organisms. Xiaoshan joined VintherLab as a PhD student in 2021 and is working on RNA oxidation. 

VintherLab Alumni

Nicklas Wilstrup Langvad (MSc)

Annaleigh Orth Fehler (PhD)

Gabriele Indrisiunaite (Postdoc)

Klara Marie Andersen (MSc)

Sesilie Weiss (MSc)

Line Dahl Poulsen (PhD, Postdoc)

Agnieszka Podolska-Charlery (Postdoc)

Lasse Votborg Novél (MSc)

Lisa Marie Simon (MSc)

Thorsten Brodersen (MSc)

Søren Iversen (MSc)

Lukasz Jan Kielpinski (PhD, Postdoc)

Jakob Lewin Rukov (PhD, Postdoc)

Signe Olivarius (MSc, PhD)

Isabel Bro Høy (MSc)

Mads Marquardt Hedegaard

Ditte Lindschouw (MSc)

Kirsten Reichwald (MSc)

Christian Weile (MSc)